Tag, you're it.

We like to think of ourselves as the Jedi-Masters of tagged inventory. Tracking and managing tagged lumber inventory is where LISA got its start over 25 years ago.

Play nice with others.

Our famous eTAG technology saves you, and the companies you work with, from re-keying tally information. Save time and prevent costly mistakes.

Give your calculator a break.

1x6 35/8' 137/10' = 825 BF, 1650 Lin, 3.894 m3 ... we'll do the numbers.

If you LOVE product codes....

It's probably because you're a wholesaler or produce a consistent set of products. We have you covered. Use whatever product codes make sense to you.

If you HATE product codes...

It's probably because you're involved in remanufacturing and are dealing with new products every day. We have you covered. Say goodbye to product codes and just describe the lumber the way you would over the phone.. 1x6, Cedar, Clear, 8'

Ask us anything.

Give us a call. Whether you need help with the product, technology advice, or just want to talk hockey. We have great people and you'll feel like old friends in no time.

Everything else...

Sales order tracking, invoicing, costing, purchasing, quotes, sales history, shipping, receiving, export documents, CRM, reporting, and accounting.

About us, phone us at 604-207-1363 or email us.